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Not sure where this question belongs, so mods feel free to move it...

I was wondering why most boost gauges generally read in psi for boost and inhg for vacuum? I was using evoscan's gauges as a boost gauge and noticed that it reads both boost and vacuum in psi which was confusing at first because I thought I had really low vacuum. Then I started thinking that this would've seemed like a more natural thing to do...but usually physical gauges read in 2 different there reason why?

I know I can easily convert the units after the fact, but I kind of want to be able to display (in evoscan's gauge layout) boost in psi and vacuum in inhg (just because that's what I'm used to looking at). Is there a way to do that with evoscan...can I have a formula that outputs to different units depending on if it's in boost or vacuum? I assume I would need 2 formulas no?
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