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*psi poll*

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I'm taking a poll for what everybody is psi on the stock turbo. Mods,afr, and power numbers will also help
For example i WAS running
With 11.4 afr
With dp-> exhaust, full intake, UICP, and 3-port
My numbers were 300/286 at The wheels

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Intake, exhaust with HFC, UCIP, FMIC, and 3port.

25-26psi and 360/340 virtual dyno hp/tq.

AFRs around 11.5
Make a poll then lol

25 psi
10.9-11.1 AFR
Test pipe... custom 3' exhaust.... intake...uicp/licp....3 port
numbers are irrelevant :)
numbers are irrelevant :)
That's true, but if you got numbers, why not

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27-28psi, 10.9-11.3 AFR, intake and TBE
This poll was started because with all my bolt ons I'm only running 285/235 hp/wt
I drive my car everywhere its my only car.
How many of you drive your evos everyday?

Dp open dump, test pipe, cat back, uicp,licp,hardpipe intake, man boost control. 20psi 11.5afr

What are safe power numbers I could have?
<-- i drive my car everyday... 20 psi? and your tuned? thats low, if those are stock numbers they are good

"safe" depends on tuner... numbers are irrelevant because dynos are so different
26-27 psi
afr 10.9-11.2
hfc to thermal r&d catback, agp cai, synchronic vibrant bov
virtually no knock
car currently on a v8 diet
I pm'd clipse. Prob will be taking a ride out there soon.
I pm'd clipse. Prob will be taking a ride out there soon.
good choice, if you go in late Dec let me know, Ill head there with you
26-27 psi with a spike to 29.
Dunno AFR.
Tune with a CAI
25 psi
10.9-11.2 AFR
Intake, Exhaust, Down Pipe, Test Pipe, UICP, Electronic Boost Controler
28 psi
11.2 afr
HFC mil.spec, UICP, 3 port, crushed BOV, BR CAI and CBE
Spike 25-26 PSI (i hit 27 the other night and car was stuttering up top :( )
geneally hold about 23 psi mid range.
10.3 afr
drop in filter, UICP, CBE
11.1 afr
English Racing tune

see signature for mods list.
25 PSI
11.6 AFR
330/330 Dynojet
K&N Drop in, turboback, FMIC, UICP

AEM intake
10.9-11.3 with 23 psi spiking to 25. cbe,tp,dp,uicp and shortram intake. 296whp/280ish wtq the tune is very conservative with 0cf
26 PSI / 93
27 PSI / E85
AFR ~11.2

Mods in sig
11.4 AFR
350whp/340wtq Virtual Dyno
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