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Pulled the trigger and ordered this lip!

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Pretty excited to be the first member with this lip!!! Expected delivery date is Jan 31-Feb 11. My car is currently in storage for the winter, but I will try to install it and post pics once there's a decent weather day. (from the looks of things, that won't be until March haha)
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Excuse my ignorance, but what lip is that?
It's called a "scorpion lip diffuser" for the Ralliart. The company is Scorpion, from overseas. The lip itself is only $242...but shipping is another $225, which has steered people away from it. Had a thread about it on here last month debating on buying it and finally decided to do it. I love the JDP lip, but seems like anybody with a Ralliart that has a lip, has the JDP so I decided to take the plunge (and risk) and be the first give this one a shot.

If you google images, there's a few others from different angles.
Very nice. There looks to be an APR sticker on it, confusing.
Yea I found a few other images and the guy that's car it's installed on has an APR intercooler. So I'm guessing he just put the sticker on the lip. I was also wondering the same thing when I first came across it.
It's different, that's for sure. People will either love it or hate it, but as long as I like it and the central new york roads don't tear it up...that's all that matters!
Haha! Nice catch, I saw the A and three letters and just figured that.
Only thing I'm worried about it is potentially throwing off the balance of the car, since I don't have the side skirts. If it does, then I guess I'll just have to buy those too!
It looks more aggressive, more Evo like. I really like it.

Side note: Did you ever figure out the UICP thing orange?
No I haven't yet, got too caught up in whether or not to buy this lip yesterday. Was hoping for a little more input from the Ralliart guys on here because I know a bunch of them have done the intercooler swap like I have.
how's the lip holding?
Read my first post.
awwwwww! but how will we know what it's snow plow rating is?!?
The way the weather has been around here, I wouldn't be surprised if I install it and get the car back on the road and it ends up snowing in May or something.

On a side note, I took the car off the road because it's in wonderful condition for being a 2009 and it's all paid off so I'd like not to have a car payment for a couple years, but I must say...I miss it in the winter, was an absolute tank in the snow. Got a 1997 Subaru outback sport. Not too bad, but not as great in the snow as I had hoped...and no such thing as acceleration, or cup holders haha.
I love driving my Evo through snow. I love snow so much. I am never going to store the Evo for winter, lol.
Dont' get me wrong, I drove mine through 2 winters and had an absolute blast! Handled better than the truck I used to have, I was amazed. But being paid off, I'd like to keep it awhile and avoid those $300+/month car payments!
Yea you guys have had it really tough up there. Coldest winter in my area in over 20 years they I can only imagine how bad it is up there.

Losing my dreaded awc/acd pump last winter, or whatever it's called (having a brain fart) That really played into my decision to put it up for the winter. What a money trap that thing turned out to be!
Looking forward to seeing this lip Orange. My buddy with his RA had also turned away at the shipping cost lol
I'll definitely post up the pics to this thread. I know a lot of people have been interested in this lip but chose not to go for it. Maybe I can help change their minds. I know there's no guys on here with Ralliarts local to me, so I'm not worried about any copycats haha.
Small update,

I received the lip today right at my work (I'm a shipping/receiving coordinator, so I figured it's best to send it right to me instead of the house when I'm not there!) It made it from Hong Kong to here in Syracuse, NY in 24 hours. *OVERNIGHT PARTS FROM JAPAN* Pretty impressive.

I was a little worried when it was delivered, as it wasn't in a box. It was heavily wrapped with bubble wrap. After removing all the bubble wrap I was happy to see that the required hardware for installation was included. They used cardboard and actual pieces of wood, screwed into the lip through the installation holes to help it keep form through out shipping. This had me feeling a little better after the first sight of it in the bubble wrap.

But of course, after further inspection...there is a small crack, about a half inch long vertically right about where the headlight is towards the middle of the car. The poly is slightly chipped where the crack is. Once I get it to my parents house, where my car is stored I'll take some pics and post them up, prior to installation and after.

I figure once it's installed I can maybe put a thin line of glue to seal the crack and touch it up with some flat paint...or, do you guys think it would be better to just plastidip the entire thing before installation?? I've dipped my chrome nose ring, mitsubishi diamond and hood scoop. Very durable stuff, thinking maybe that would be a smart choice with the lip? Anybody else with a poly lip that has any crack issues, please chime in on what you've done to repair yours. Thanks.
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I thought polyurethane was a flexiable material? Either way, if you have the cans sitting at home, plasti dip it before installing. Should create a nice protective coating in case of any other items that may come into contact with it after instillation.
So did I! It's definitely flexable, but must have been flexed a little too far at some point during shipment. I was like a giddy little school when I saw that yellow and red truck backing up to my bay door, then when I saw him taking it out of the truck and it wasn't in a box I had an instant panic feeling haha.
Where the pics at lol
Install pics probably won't be until next month, unless we hit a weekend day with some good me, I'm itching to get it on there! Going end up dippin it first though, the "paint" that's on the lip is much worse than our cars paint. It's flaking off in multiple places, not just where the crack is.
I figure with the abuse it will probably take, dipping it will be the most durable and cheapest fix/protection. If you've never used it...the stuff really is amazing for $5 a can.
Some teaser pics!! Not installed, but you can get the idea.


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A couple more...


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i didn't like the scorpion lip before, but it goes really well on your car
Yea I was skeptical at first. Looked a the same 10 pics that I could find all over the internet and just decided to go for it. I won my fantasty football league title this year, so I looked at it as a free lip so why not! Nobody else has it, so I wanted to try something different.

I agree though, I think once it's actually installed it's going to look really good!
i like it man, it is different. of course few will disagree but hell...not many choices out there for us :(
Right! It's sad there's only like 3 lips available for the Ralliart, but like 20 of them for the Evo. I understand the demand is probably not as high, but come on now...Ralliart has been around for 6 years!!
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