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Pulled the trigger and ordered this lip!

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Pretty excited to be the first member with this lip!!! Expected delivery date is Jan 31-Feb 11. My car is currently in storage for the winter, but I will try to install it and post pics once there's a decent weather day. (from the looks of things, that won't be until March haha)
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Excuse my ignorance, but what lip is that?
Very nice. There looks to be an APR sticker on it, confusing.
This is what threw me off, and i didn't want to look like an asshat assuming.

Be sure to post pics when it comes it, I think it looks pretty cool.
Reading? Who does that?!
The way the weather has been around here, I wouldn't be surprised if I install it and get the car back on the road and it ends up snowing in May or something.

On a side note, I took the car off the road because it's in wonderful condition for being a 2009 and it's all paid off so I'd like not to have a car payment for a couple years, but I must say...I miss it in the winter, was an absolute tank in the snow. Got a 1997 Subaru outback sport. Not too bad, but not as great in the snow as I had hoped...and no such thing as acceleration, or cup holders haha.
Good call. The amount of abuse cars take in the winter kind of makes my stomach turn. It's nice to have a "beater".

I took a road trip over the weekend, and took the wifes MazdaSpeed3. We live on the wetcoast, but we traveled inland where more snow hits, and between the grime on the roads, and rocks getting kicked up by every truck we passed ... ugh, it sucks to take such a nice car and have it get trashed so quickly just during winter. (this is why the evo stayed home) :thumbup:

Looks great, and leave it black. Goes well with the rest of your front end.
1 - 5 of 72 Posts
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