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quad tip vs dual tip

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im a proud owner of the evo x final edition and i wanted to get an exhaust system that has a deep mean sound. I prefer the quad tip but duals look nice too. I have two in mind and wanted to know what you guys think and if you know any better ones. What i have in mind is the quad tip cobb catback exhaust or the dual tip agency power catback exhaust. Any suggestions??
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I have been running the Ultimate Racing catback exhaust with the straight through mid-pipe option for about a year now. No issues or complains. Fitment is amazing and sound is not quiet but definetly not overly loud. Design and sound is very comparable to the ets v2 exhaust. I ended up going with this one over the ets because it offered the titanium burnt tips, which look amazing, and it was also more affordable than the ets. I recommend either of these two over the ones you mentioned.
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