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quad tip vs dual tip

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im a proud owner of the evo x final edition and i wanted to get an exhaust system that has a deep mean sound. I prefer the quad tip but duals look nice too. I have two in mind and wanted to know what you guys think and if you know any better ones. What i have in mind is the quad tip cobb catback exhaust or the dual tip agency power catback exhaust. Any suggestions??
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I have the cobb quad tip with HFC. I think it is great. It gets rid of the stock exhaust drone. It isn't a loud exhaust, similar to stock at cruise, louder at WOT. I love the look and the sound, but the days of loud cars is behind me. Too may days of running open headers. If loud is what you are looking for cobb may not be the correct choice. If good sound, not super loud and able to make good power then cobb is a good choice. My car is built so I can enjoy it and my wife can drive it without complaining.
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