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Question about turbo sound audible in-cabin on a stock Evo X

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Question about turbo sound in-cabin on a stock Evo X

In a stock Evo X (MR in my case), when giving it just enough gas to get into boost so that the turbo is spooled up, I was expecting what I've heard in most other turbo cars, which is a faint whistle or smooth high-pitched tone.

On gentle acceleration, what I hear sounds more coarse than smooth, like there's a rustling or exhaust leak characteristic to it. Is that just the wastegate? Does it open at low to mid rpm levels on a stock Evo?

Figured I'd ask in the meantime just in case it's normal.

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Failed at capturing it on camera, too much road and wind noise picked up on the mic. It sounds most similar to a wastegate so perhaps that's all it is. Is that audible on a stock Evo when slowly accelerating at 2.5-4k rpm? Is the stock turbo building more boost than needed at that rpm range and dumping it?
You will go crazy if you try to analyze every single sound this vehicle makes.
probably a loose heatshield somewhere. It's been said before and I'll say it again:
The Evo X is a car of a thousand noises
I bet. I've already gotten used to the rear shelf rattle. SST sounds, injectors on a cold morning, and the stiff suspension sounds on crummy roads, but figured since this was engine related, it was worth asking about.

But boy is this car fun to drive. Totally worth the death by a thousand noises. ;)
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