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Ralliart Detuned and Cheaper X

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Hey guys,

Is anybody planning on getting the Ralliart Detuned X? I really don't see the point in having this little baby in the works. I mean if ya want an X, surely you want the whole thing?

I mean the Ralliart Detuned X specs are as follows:-

Max power:- 177kW (237BHP)
Max Torque:- 343 N.m (253 lb-lbf)
Tranny:- TC-SST (possibly a 5-speed manual later on)
'mechanical limited slip' rear diff ona simplified version of the Mits AWD system

Let me know what you think guys,
RJ out
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Rallyart is going to kill the WRX. The WRX is no longer a great car IMO. The RA' will sell and then instead of WRX' all over the place you might see RA's instead. Then those people will eventually want an Evo X or Evo X parts which should help with more aftermarket parts etc. Myself I went for the X because I didn't want to go through that stage I did when I had my first Subie WRX and eventually had to get the STi. That cost me
yea, i have to agree with the fact that the wrx is gonna get blown away by the ralliart, but i have ot say, the wrx doesnt look half bad when in person. i actually liked it when i saw it. and it sounds raw as hell, which is a good thing
yeah but the big thing with the new WRX is it's now built on the Legacy platform Instead of the Impreza. I drove it and it feels 'mushy' just like the Legacy...+ more understeer than ever. Alot of the sportiness has been squeezed out of it. I'ts wuss now imo.
I just talked to 'Negrodamus' the almighty one yesterday :bowlol:....He says the MR and RalliArt will be out about the same time the Iraq War ends....or May whichever comes first
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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