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Ralliart Detuned and Cheaper X

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Hey guys,

Is anybody planning on getting the Ralliart Detuned X? I really don't see the point in having this little baby in the works. I mean if ya want an X, surely you want the whole thing?

I mean the Ralliart Detuned X specs are as follows:-

Max power:- 177kW (237BHP)
Max Torque:- 343 N.m (253 lb-lbf)
Tranny:- TC-SST (possibly a 5-speed manual later on)
'mechanical limited slip' rear diff ona simplified version of the Mits AWD system

Let me know what you think guys,
RJ out
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no doubt about it, if the RA was a 5 spd i'd be all over that...btw the mitsu guy at the NY auto show told me on friday that the RA will be about 25k and will be out next month...then the woman right next to him said summer...
The rep there today also told me by summer.
The Ralliart looks very nice, same Recaro seats as the GSR and same SST in the MR, with a slightly detuned X engine. It's one of the best bangs for your buck.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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