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Ralliart Detuned and Cheaper X

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Hey guys,

Is anybody planning on getting the Ralliart Detuned X? I really don't see the point in having this little baby in the works. I mean if ya want an X, surely you want the whole thing?

I mean the Ralliart Detuned X specs are as follows:-

Max power:- 177kW (237BHP)
Max Torque:- 343 N.m (253 lb-lbf)
Tranny:- TC-SST (possibly a 5-speed manual later on)
'mechanical limited slip' rear diff ona simplified version of the Mits AWD system

Let me know what you think guys,
RJ out
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yeah but the big thing with the new WRX is it's now built on the Legacy platform Instead of the Impreza. I drove it and it feels 'mushy' just like the Legacy...+ more understeer than ever. Alot of the sportiness has been squeezed out of it. I'ts wuss now imo.
Mushy like the Legacy? :) I don't mind my Legacy suspension too much (my wife complained it was harsher than her Acura MDX, no doubt!), but I noticed today quite a bit of lean going about 80 kph on the on ramp to the Alex Fraser bridge (headed from Surrey to Richmond). I have a used set of JDM STI pink springs (specific for the wagon) I'll be installing later this spring that should give me a nice modest drop and firm up the ride sufficiently for spirited driving!

I do think the Lancer Ralliart will steal plenty of business from the Impreza WRX, but most Subaru Impreza sales are the base model, not the WRX. It is good to have a choice in that segment of the market, AWD and moderate performance upgrade. I hope the Lancer Ralliart is able to be imported to Canada!
Interesting...I bet it is to reduce cost, since Legacys are built in the states...
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure all the new Imprezas are made in Japan, including the base, WRX and STI. Also, I think there are similarities in the chassis, but the wheelbase is still shorter in the Imprezas.

My Leggy wagon was made in Kentucky or some other such place! Damn it! If I'd gone for the Spec.B sedan it would have been Japanese construction.

Does Mitsubishi have any US production facilities?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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