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Ralliart Detuned and Cheaper X

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Hey guys,

Is anybody planning on getting the Ralliart Detuned X? I really don't see the point in having this little baby in the works. I mean if ya want an X, surely you want the whole thing?

I mean the Ralliart Detuned X specs are as follows:-

Max power:- 177kW (237BHP)
Max Torque:- 343 N.m (253 lb-lbf)
Tranny:- TC-SST (possibly a 5-speed manual later on)
'mechanical limited slip' rear diff ona simplified version of the Mits AWD system

Let me know what you think guys,
RJ out
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If they had the Ralliart with a 5-speed out already, there'd be one sitting in the garage instead of the GSR.

I'll take $10K less, less weight, and less stupid useless crap (I.E., ASC) to make the driveline weaker. No, I have no proof that the newer diffs are weaker yet, but Mitsu's history points towards this.

I bought the car to modify for performance, not as a sports-luxury car.

The ASC is a complete joke if you have an ounce of driving skill and want to be able to push the car.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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