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How's it going?

Automotive parking light Tire Car Wheel Vehicle

Started in 2007 with a 2006 Evo IX gsr making 330awhp stock turbo and just chilled with that until the recession hit.
Sold it in 2011~

Wheel Tire Car Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Itching to get back into an evo
2005 Evo V/// GSR with all the IX goodies
HTA71 made 350awhp on pump gas dyno'd on a mustang dyno.
Sold in 2019

After 3 years in a beater, with 8/9s commanding absurd prices, I decided on the next EVOLUTION was the best option.

2015 FE Evo X GSR
Octane Blue
Mod list to come but running flex fuel - dyno'd at 550 awhp tuned by Raif at RRT

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Grille

Car is being cleaned up and a few other details.

I do love the 8/9 but I am surprised I do like the look of the X. For years, I hated the look.

I'll like it even more after I do the following:

JDP Evo Lip
BC BR Coils
Enkei RPF1s in Black Chrome
SYGAV headunit

Will do a full cleanup though. Full fluid change, spark plugs, serpentine belt, etc.

I need information on the timing chain. Based on information found so far, the 2015 should have the latest timing chain and isnt an issue with stretching. Any known issues?

Is the EBC stage 4 brake kit good enough or should I go with StopTechs + Hawk HPSs?

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Welcome! Great color!
My 2011 had the updated timing chain, 5,000mi full synthetic oil changes, and it stretched requiring replacement at 130,000mi. So while the updated chain isn't as prone to stretching, it's still a wear item! Your brakes will be fine unless you start doing road course racing.

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So here is the Mod List:

ETS 3" intercooler
ETS 3.5" Intake and MAF sensor
ETS Charge Pipes
ETS Open Dump Tube
ETS Test Pipe
MAP Exhaust Manifold
Tial QR diverter valve
Invidia Catback
1300cc injectors
535 Walbro fuel pump
Flex fuel with gauge
AEM afr gauge
Recaro seats
ACT Clutch and flywheel
Upgraded CMC
TPC GT spec Turbo
Rain guards
VLand Headlights
VLand Taillights

Game plan:
Full fluid flush - trans with redline cocktail and oem fluids for t-case, ayc and diff.
Coolant flush
Clean intake filter
New plugs
New Serpentine Belt

NRG OPS Undertray
LED interior bulbs

Spring 2023 upgrades
Fortunauto coils
Sygav Nav
JDP Front lip
CF Side skirt extensions
Aeroflow rear diffuser

Hopefully, I wont need to do engine build until summer 2024.

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So within the last month did the following:

Replaced spark plugs - NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - Single | 2011-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer (DILKR8B6)

Fluid changed - Next change at 110,000
Transfer Case
Rear Diff

Replaced Serpentine Belt
Installed NRG Ops undertray
Installed AEM Boost Gauge
Installed LED dome, trunk and front interior lights
Cleaned K&N filter with K&N cleaner kit

Things to do:

Retune on 93 - doesn't run 100%
Runs fine on E85

Recalibrate passenger side recaros - get rid of that pesky Airbag Light

Respray ETS logo on intercooler
Replace Wheel Well Liner
Relocate AYC pump
APR CF Radiator Shroud
CF engine cover
SyGav Headunit
Install a rearview camera
Install a dashcam for protection

Brakes - DBA 4000 T3 + EBC Red Stuff pads
FA 500 or BC BR with swift springs coilovers - hard to decide between the 2 since it's a daily driver and won't be hitting the track

Because it is a daily, I might go with a cheapo PU lip wrapped in camo vinyl then Aero V1 sideskirts with the same wrap. Finish it off with an Aeroflow rear diffuser.

After all that, I can focus on doing a built motor, shep trans, rear diff, etc.

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I should probably get pictures up sometime. Not much to see though.

Installed Sygav Headunit with rearview camera
Installed Dashcam and already paid itself off - Crazy f*cking hillbilly
Headed to get Airbag system resolved tomorrow. Besides getting the passenger seat recalibrated. They found the driver side seat position sensor was faulty. Dealership charging an arm and a leg but it'll be nice to see the startup without all the lights or warnings!
Purchased front lip and tried to wrap it. WRAP FAIL! I'll probably have to redo it when I get motivated to make it look better.
Bought the polyurethane lip off eBay and Vivid wrap but the wrap sucked donkey and harder than I thought to wrap the lip. Kept overlapping and never sitting flush. No matter the heat I used on it and tried to keep it from looking like a freaking mess. I'll live with it for now and then get it painted. Probably should have just got a CF lip but it'll eventually break and piss me off so I figured it's a daily so funk it.

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So there is very little information about the airbag light after recaro swap.

I got the recalibration done and found that it was still on due to an issue with the driver side seat position sensor going bad.

It's a 50$ part so not bad.

Only problem is I went through 2 different stealerships and 1 couldnt find it in their system so they were going to force buy the full driver seat bracket for $800. The other one who first diagnosed it was pushing for it to be through service. The mitsu "master tech" was a pretty cool guy and seemed very knowledgeable so I decided to let him clear it out.

Due to it being a safety concern and wanting it to be done without issue, I opted to get it done there. 230$ labor, taxes etc.

No more xmas trees! My cluster info screen is now where it should be from the get go!!!

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Hood Motor vehicle Car Blue Vehicle

Not much to show and a lot of upgrades in her future.

Engine bay taking a back seat to Coilover setup going with FA500, AYC relocation, 93 tune (running on e85 but setup for flex fuel), etc.

Felt like I've done a lot in a very short period to make sure she is properly maintained and in a liveable upgrade path.

Fluids, serpentine belt, Sygav headunit, fixing airbag light, AC issue, dash cam, front lip, NRG undertray, boost gauge, etc.

Besides engine bay, I am really anxious to do a Varis V3 front end, side skirts, victory function fenders and Street Fighter LA rear diffuser.

I forget how expensive this damn hobby is.
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