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Real time traffic (RTT) not working on 2010

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I have a 2010 MR with navi and whenever I tap the RTT button I get a message saying that no station were found (or something to that extent).

What can the problem be?

For a while I didn't even know I had RTT, since most of the people I know with Evos have 2008 models. Is there a trick to activating RTT, or should it work out of the box?
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Do you have the Sirius Sat installed? I believe you need that in order to pull RTT. I have both, but I don't remember seeing that option. Maybe I need an upgrade of the DVD...

I do subscribe to Sirius, yes. It's been working since day 1 and I extended the contract once the free trial was over.
I'm not sure the two are related (correct me if I'm wrong), since RTT travels through FM stations.
Ok, just dug around and an official MNA ad specifies that RTT is subscription free on all vehicles that support it.
It has never worked for me (2010 Ralliart w/ Navi). I thought I needed to pay a separate subscription; how do I activate this?
"Since it is based on RDS, the date is for the life of the vehicle at no charge."
There is also a mitsu ad on youtube where the narrator mentions that RTT is included at no charge.

"Along with a music server, the new navigation system adds subscription-free Real-Time Traffic information."
Sorry to thread jack but what's the newest nav maps that are used currently with the 2011/2012's?
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