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Rear diff rebuild..?

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My car has been at the dealer for a while now for a whine and they have isolated it now to the rear diff after replacing the transfer case. They were originally going to replace the rear diff and now due to cost issues they are telling me they want to install a full rebuild kit, has anyone heard of such a thing? I thought these AYC diffs were replacement unit only. Thanks
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If there is no damage to the cases I see no reason not to rebuild. I have been working on a DIY AYC rebuild but nearly gave up sourcing bearings. Anyone should be able to do it with a simple press and some gear pullers, it;s just like any diff really. The torque transfer gears come out as a cluster.

If you could ask some questions about the rebuild kit and what it comes with that would be great, it's big news if Mitsu is providing a rebuild kit now. Probably all O-rings, several concial roller bearings and their seats, and maybe the two AYC clutch packs. There is a central ball bearing / journal bearing combo that we could never source with Mitsu releasing them.
I'll try and get that info from them. I know the paperwork I recieve when I get the car has all the mitsu PN's they installed during the service visit, hopefully it has a breakdown. If not I'll ask. I'm sure the price difference is significantly less than complete replacement.
BMWTech, thanks for the info and updates. Valuable information.
BMWTech, thanks for the info and updates. Valuable information.
Unfortunately, this was false information provided by the dealer. I wish we had good news of a new available part like this. I'm just going to wait until I get the car and paperwork back to see what they actually did.
UGH MITSU, IM DONE WITH YOU. It took one car.
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