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Rear Mr lip spoiler coming off. Warranty?

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So its been a month since I've purchased my MR-T and the rear spoiler lip is starting to come lose at both the left and right side, seems like the sticker they used has lost its adherence. Is this under warranty? I only have one dealer close by me (20 miles) and I'd like to go there with prior knowledge then them telling me its not. Thanks
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You should probably call them. They would give you a better answer.
Should be. The paint on my hood vents was peeling and that was covered.
It's most likely covered, but as others said, best to call. Mine started coming up on the sides also, but i replaced it with a rexspeed one anyway.

after taking it off, the adhesive was still on strong, it just wasn't applied well towards the left and right edges. The lip spoiler is bolted on the trunk with 2 bolts so there's no worry that it'll fly off.
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