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Rear toe arms?

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So my rear toe arm on the passenger side is pretty worn out.

i Tried to get the OEM part but nowhere has it.
The torque solution and Megan racing ones are the only ones I was able to get quoted for. Megan racing has had quite a few bad reviews so I opted for the torque solution ones.
Anyone have any experience using them? Any tips or tricks or things I should watch out for?
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Those won't last too long on a street car, especially since you live somewhere with snow/salt. The spherical bearings are going to wear quickly on anything other Southern car or a track weapon.
Check out the Hardrace pieces as they use rubber pillow ball mounts like OEM.
Whiteline also makes a good set with rubber zero compliance bushings. Just stay away from spherical bearings in a salty road region on a street car.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts