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Rearview mirror DVR captures everything in front of you

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Ever been in an accident and wished you had in-car camera footage so you could explain to everyone what really happened and why it wasn't your fault? If so, Brickhouse Security has the device for you: the rearview mirror camera recorder. Using a small camera mounted on the back of the rear view mirror, it records everything happening in front of your car. The footage is displayed on a 2.5-inch LCD screen on the face of the mirror, which also includes handy playback controls in case you just want to see the instant replay immediately, or relive the commute to work when you get there.

Recording begins when the engine comes on and ends when the engine goes off. The media records to an SD memory card, is stamped with the date and time, and can be played back on any computer or a television. If there's any down side, it's that the mirror needs to be plugged in to your cigarette lighter to work. But that's the price of CSI ingenuity, and it will, heaven forbid, pay for itself the first time you can prove that "no-fault" accident was actually very much the other person's fault. Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: Brickhouse Security]
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