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Remove Car Dent With Airduster

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That is very cool. If I am unfortunate enough to need to try this (I've been lucky the last few years with newer cars) I will give this a go.
do u guys think this will work on plastic parts?
do u guys think this will work on plastic parts?
Probable not. The blow dryer might warp the plastic.
do u guys think this will work on plastic parts?
I agree with Chris and suggest it may not work. However, if you are willing I would like to see you do some experiments. Try it with just the CO2. Is it a big dent, which part is it in?
i got nicked by another car at a parking lot never knew who it was.grrrrrr
i will try this but i dont think it'll pop out looks too small and tight.
if it's small and tight.. and in plastic, I really doubt it'll work sadly.

one of my roommates has a camry with a very broad dent in the front fender, we're going to give it a try and I'll be sure to take video when that eventually happens :)
no mine its in the rear driver side next to the gas door.and it metal or whatever but a magnet sticks so its metal.
I figure it'll work on dents that "the ding king" works on :p
i may give this a try hope it works cause its really anoying seen that dent on my car and dont have the time or money right now for a shop repair.i got the black paint off from the other car with a gas damp rag.
No dents on my car yet......I hope :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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