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Automotive journalists visiting a GM design studio recently got an eyeful of something interesting: a MINI rival from the General, leaving the door open to speculation over which GM division could make it work.
While the drawings spotted reportedly featured Chevy bow-ties, the scribes over at Motor Trend venture that Chevrolet couldn't sell it at high enough a price-point to make it a viable option. It'd be too small for Buick or Cadillac, and too European-flavored for Pontiac. (We don't need to point out that HUMMER and GMC wouldn't be a fit, either.) That leaves Saab and Saturn, either or both of which (in possible collaboration with Vauxhall/Opel) could present an intriguing alternative to the fashionable Anglo-Saxon retro-hatch, whose monopoly is coming to an end thanks to Fiat's hot-selling 500 and Alfa Romeo upcoming "Junior" model. It was nice while it lasted, wasn't it, MINI?
[Source: Motor Trend]

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