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Rexpeed CF type-1 hood scoop and bonnets on a 09 Ralliart

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Rexpeed CF type-1 hood scoop and bonnets on a 09 Ralliart
Below are pics of the Rexpeed CF Evo X type-1 hood scoop and matching bonnets on my 2009 Ralliart. I was very impressed with the fitment, quality and aggressive look it gives the car. I will post a video soon!

Orange Red Hood Vehicle Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Mitsubishi

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle door

Vehicle Hood Car Automotive exterior Auto part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood

Props to Rexpeed!
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Pics no work..can't cross link to pics on EvoM. Copy them over here and upload them.
I have the exact same setup on my Evo X. I eventually color matched mine though. :)

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Very nice!
Sweet, I like the color matching idea.
looks nice. im a fan of the scoop but not the 2 forward ones. i kinda like the factory replica ones in carbon fiber
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