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Rim size help?

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I can't find the exact specs on the wheel size of the 2014 RA. :duh:

Anyone know the size of rims I should buy to make it look best? I know that they are 18's but i don't know what the 18x_____ means. :duh: I'm as smart as a potato when it comes to cars right now. I'm barely getting into it.
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I think the stock size isn't changed so its the same as my 2013 one. Its 18x8.5 and 8.5 means the width of your wheel is 8.5 inch. And it comes with 245/40 wheels. If u wanna buy aftermarket wheels, you can go check out the threads here to see how others make their decision. Most of people here are running 18x9.5 aftermarket wheels and those will work with the stock tires but they will look kinda stretched. I'm running 18x9.5 wheels too and with 255/35 tires. And I'm very happy with this set up.

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