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Click the image above for a gallery of the Rinspeed X-treme.

It may seem like Rinspeed has been hitting the Absinthe bottle with its recent spate of far reaching concepts, but the Swiss tuner might be looking to another green libation for inspiration of its line of 957 Porsche Cayenne parts.

Despite stealing Mountain Dew's 1998 ad campaign when naming its modified Cayenne, the X-treme's parts list proves that it's more than just a tuning package for poseurs. Bigger air intakes, a new front fascia, front splitter, rear bumper, side skirts and flared wheel arches make the already imposing Cayenne more so. The rolling stock, consisting of 23x11-inch wheels wrapped in 315/25R23 rubber, is nestled within wheel arches that have been dropped by 35mm through a modified air suspension setup.

While a custom exterior and bespoke interior bits are nice, they've got to match the motivation. According to Rinspeed, it's boosted the output of the Cayenne to 600 hp through the use of a custom sports exhaust. Although Rinspeed didn't go into detail about how its achieving that number, we'd assume that some significant tweaks were made to the Porsche Turbo's ECU.

Rinspeed's full press release is after the jump and you can check out a gallery of the X-treme below.

Gallery: Rinspeed X-treme

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