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Rockford Subwoofer issue

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Hey guys, I have an issue with the Rockford system in my 15 X, the subwoofer hasn’t been working at all, I removed the sub and it seems like all wiring is fine, it’s getting power from 2 of the 4 pins in the connector, not sure if all 4 should be receiving power. The amp is all plugged in and all speakers/ adjustment work through the infotainment system. I picked up another Rockford sub and still no luck.. should I be looking into replacing the amp next? I’m stumped
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I've definitely seen those amps blow randomly. But you would think that you wouldn't get power if the amp was blown. Are you sure that the head unit is putting out a proper signal?
I removed the head unit yesterday, traced as much wiring as I could and it seems like everything is getting power.. this cubby above the 12V outlet had holes from I have no idea what, was this just supposed to be extra storage area? I don’t think someone would have knicked the harness but I’m exploring every option at this point. Service mode , speaker test through the head unit also is working for every speaker except the sub
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