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this is a quality exhuast first off let me say each exhaust built is hand built and welded on an evo at RRE the welds are amazing the piping great good solid flanges all hardware minus mentioned below and gaskets included.


the muffler hanger very impressed with were most shops use just a bar with a slight bend at the tip to keep it from sliding off the hangers, RRE used acutal barbed exhaust hangers.

and everything mentioned before


this is the only thing i didnt like about the part, the forward section pipe that has a bolt on hanger didnt come with a nut welded to the bracket nor did it come with a nut in the bag so i had to find a nut to bolt on the factory hanger (slightly annoying)

great part the sound is slightly more noticable than stock but not enough to draw any atttention. i guess i should mention thats also with the Cobb 3" cat pipe installed with it, and soon ill install the AMS down pipe, just too lazy today to do it. THANKS RRE!
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