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hi guys,

I got my engine rebuilt and went to tuning last week.
now he has some problems with he thinks fuel delivery because the whole fuel graph is a bit abnormal to him when he started tuning but he got it working but after that when he wanted to raise the boost, the car is going lean above 6k rpm.
i dont have a fuel pressure gauge so we couldnt confirm.

i got the car back home with 1.4bar tune and a good afr.
meanwhile i need to find out where the problem is.
tuner advises: buy new fuelpump and see if your afr go's up. then youve probably solved the problem.
(probably the cheapest and fastest try)

no boost leaks, no leak in vac lines

is this something more people have seen? and what was your solution? more things i can check?


im on pumpgas 93.
manley i beams
cp pistons 86.5
gsc s2 with springs and retainers
atp gtx3576r with 3inch inlet
radium fuelrail with fuelpulse damper and stock fpr
1300id x2
grimmspeed 3port
omni 4bar map
maperformance tubular manifold
ets xtreme v2 with testpipe and downpipe
3inch maperformance intake
3.5inch maperformance intercooler
dual catch can maperformance
injen uicp
mishimoto licp
+ more i forgot ;)
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