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Sad News - One of our own has passed away.

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It is with a heavy heart that I pass along this news, but Michael Lomker passed away this weekend. When he didn't show up to father's day activities on Sunday his family got worried; they found out he had passed away in his apartment. All I know for now is that he wasn't feeling well and admitted himself to the ER last week (per some posts on facebook).

I don't know any more details, but I will post up information as it comes to light.

Michael was a great guy and has been an outstanding member here and elsewhere on the Internet for several years. He came to my last two birthday parties, almost all of our events, and he was a great person to be around.

Here is his build thread, which we'll be keeping around in his memory:

If anyone has any good photos of him from any of our events, I'm sure the family would greatly appreciate them.

I will try and post updates here, but the main info thread will be here:


Several people are asking about donating money. I have re-appropriated the donation button on the top left of for this purpose. We can present a check to his family at the funeral service. If you would like to remain anonymous while making this donation, please PM me.

All donations 'to the site' through this link will be dedicated to mlomker and go to his family until further notice.

I have the funeral info:
Caturia Smidt Funeral Home
201 East 7th Street
Hastings, MN

Closed Casket

This Thursday, June 23, 2011
Public visitation 10-11am and service at 11am

Checks can be made out to his father, Eugene Lomker.

His family is trying to keep his car sort-of as his legacy, at least for now. We kicked around the idea of trying to get it up to BIR this weekend and parking it in a safe, central place as a weekend-long memorial for him. If anyone has an extra spot on a trailer or may somehow be able to help us accomplish this, please let me know. The family have a lot on their plate to deal with so the idea of them trying to get it up there is just completely out of the question--but if we can get the resources to make it easy for the family to let us do this then it may just happen.

$5 each sound ok? We are getting an extra-good deal on them through FastSigns and I think there is enough in the fund for the cost to just be 100% covered. That way 100% of the cash collected for the stickers will go to the family.

This is the test-fit decal on spaz's car, the rest will be ready sometime tomorrow. If anyone would like one (or more) please send $5 per decal + $3 shipping to [email protected], I will ship them all out as fast as I can!

I will have these with me this weekend at BIR. I will be camping in the big green bus so just find me around there. Cash or paypal on-the-spot is dandy.

ALSO if anyone else is making some decals, go for it! I know TK was going to whip up some, go for it, sell them or just run them in memory of Mike, if there's any cash produced from it just pass it on to the family (or let me know if you need help doing so).
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Man that is too bad. I didnt interact with the guy much but the little that I did, I got the feeling that he was a cool cat. My prayers will be with his family and loved ones
Shocking, sorry to hear. He was prolific on this forum.
Thats awful! Hope his family is doing well despite their loss.

Do you know more details to his passing away?
That is very sad news. I extend my prayers to his loved ones who will miss him.
I am going to post in the what did you do to your X today thread. Just want to let everyone know. HE was a great guy and will be deeply missed.
Oh my god... I am so sorry to hear this, I will keep him and his family in my prayers. We lost one of our own...
My heart just dropped, what the hell happened? He was young and has been in good health....

Rest in piece my friend....
We aren't sure yet. He did admit himself to the ER last week. We will post up when we figure something out I am sure (the locals that is).
This is a shame. I really liked Lomker. His family is in my prayers, too.
Ah man that is horrible. He was one of the greats on here. RIP Evo buddy, I'm going to go on a spirited drive in his honor.
wow, what a shock. it is terrible when someone like mike dies. i will miss his humor and insight on the evo. i hope the best for his family.
This is a quote of when he described the ER visit.

Someone asked what happened...

Not sure exactly. Best theory is that my heart decided to outflow the Weldon and caused me to become really light headed. It wasn't too serious since all of the tests came back looking good. I am just starting to feel normal a day later...I'm sore since my back & chest muscles were having spasms. I had no idea if I was gonna make it at the time, pretty scary.
RIP brother. Had an argument with him, but it seems childish in this light.

God bless his family and his friends. Sounds like a great guy!

Leave some tire marks in the sky for us man...
This is really sad. I never met him, but I probably would have at some point. MN is not that far.
WAO, I can believe what I'm reading now. He was a great guy never met him but I could tell by just talking to him over fb or in here. :( :'(

I really liked him too. :( friends and family is my prayers. :(

God bless all his family. :(
OMFG! :( It breaks my heart to hear this, he was a really great guy. I had the privilege to share the hotel room in Vegas with him, and he was a lot of fun to hang out with. I'll miss won't be the same without him.

Cheers to you buddy, wherever your next journey takes you.

Yeah man, words can't describe..
:( R.I.P Mlomker
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