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This holiday weekend, save a few bucks on our SpeedCircuit ported and polished heads for the Evo X!

The long awaited SpeedCircuit Heads for the 4B11 Evo X are now available! All SpeedCircuit heads are completely stripped down and rebuilt, including new parts where necessary. There are 3 stages of heads available.

Stage 1 includes:
-Special five-angle valve job
-Bowl work to blend the stock machine cuts into a larger bowl
-Resurface (if needed)
-Sandblast clean
-Valve lash set
-Pressure tested to ensure no leaks

Stage 2 includes all of the above, as well as:
-Completely ported and knife-edged intake ports
-Completely ported and knife-edged exhaust ports
-The extra porting and knife edging results in a larger port that is more consistent than the stock port, resulting in smoother power and better airflow.

Stage 3 adds deshrouding, but is only available on 88mm bores and larger (stock bore is 86mm).

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