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SATimko's personal weight loss

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Hey everyone. I was telling Dino about this and he told me to post up about it. When I graduated college, I was a whopping 145(ish) pounds. I'm 5'11" for a reference. When I started my office job, I jumped 60 pounds in only 9 months. I tipped the scales at 212 at my heaviest. There was no exercising or lifting or anything involved. It was due to horrible eating habits, started in part by my ex-fiance. Not eating dinner till 9pm or so was very common, followed by a lot of sitting / laying around watching TV. Well, three weeks ago, my department at work decided to do a Biggest Loser type competition. I used this as a kick in the butt to get going and lose some of the extra mass and tone the there's a decent cash prize at the end for the winner (loser).

Here's what I've done so far...
-No sodas. I've been drinking only water for the most part. I have a coffee in the morning, but that's about the only difference.
-Normal sized portions. It'd be nothing for me to go chomp down on a 2000 calorie lunch at work, and proceed to sit on my butt some more.
-Better eating all around. Candy and junk food have been replaced with fruits / veggies and my double whoppers have been replaced with grilled / baked chicken and salads.
-Much less beer! Those of you that know me personally know that I'm fond of my beer. I didnt' say I'm an alcoholic because I don't need to drink 24/7. I just like a good beer now and again. I'd say on average of 4-5 a week. Now I'm down to 1 or 2 a week if any.
-Exercise! I haven't been on my computer much lately after I get out of work, because I'm getting off my butt and doing something! A friend of mine is a triathlete and he's given me lots to work with. Mainly I stick to running, biking, and general cardio in my house.

General results so far, and I'll keep this updated.

Initial weigh-in: 212lbs
Weigh-in this morning : 197lbs.

This is after about 2 1/2 weeks. I'm pleased with my progress so far. We'll see how far this can go.
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Here are some comparison pictures.

Right before I graduated college. My ex and I.

Jill Wagner (from the Mercury commercials) and I back in February.

It's hard to tell the main differences because I don't have any full body pics.
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Thanks man. I still have that blue polo shirt. Maybe I'll try to fit into it for a reference picture.
I was lazy this winter and jumped up some weight, but I am already down 15 lbs from my highest..

summer 2006 - race weight - 190
summer 2007 - race weight - 200
winter 2008 - up to 223
Current - 210
goal - 175 by october (Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon)
Keep a food log! Be conscious of what your eating. You will be amazed what a difference this makes and will let you enjoy those extra beers you love! Right down Calories, Protein and Carbs. Also, Aim for whole foods but don't over do them (they still have calories). This may sound crazy but preservatives and chemicals store in the fat cells. This makes it hard for the body to break down because it doesn't know where to put these chemicals and has to excrete them through sweat, and other normal routes.

Good luck none the less! Try to stay positive. I've been there and spent a lot of time helping people.
Thanks Corwin. Right now, due to my little accident, I've been off the diet and exercise. I haven't been able to eat much at all. Mainly just softer foods. I've been eating lots of jello, and pudding. I can eat bananas, smaller berries, watermelon, and lettuce. Most everything else is out due to my teeth. I've dropped a bunch of weight, but not in the healthy way.
Can you post NSFW pics of your ex in the NSFW section please?

LOL. Seriously though, great work so far. Let's see if you could hit 190 flat by Carlisle.
Shouldn't be a problem bro. I'm at 194 now.

As far as NSFW pics of the ex...I wish I had some to share. She wasn't down with that idea man.
Shouldn't be a problem bro. I'm at 194 now.
Awesome. BTW, do you have your hotel booked and whatnot?

As far as NSFW pics of the ex...I wish I had some to share. She wasn't down with that idea man.

Yessir, I do have my hotel booked. I'm at the Hampton as well. Not sure which room yet, but I'll keep ya posted.
Hey Dino, I weighed in at 190.7 this morning. Carlisle goal, just about accomplished. I'm going to take it up a notch...185 for Carlisle.
Sure. I'll fire up the camera in a little bit and get you some. I just crawled out from under the P5 so I'm a bit dirty.
Can you post NSFW pics of your ex in the NSFW section please?

ROFL - :+1: those were my thoughts as well...

I need to start working out/eating healthy. This dealership is killing me. we eat nothing but shitty food - today a cheesesteak with ketchup mayo and mushrooms... yesterday, fried chicken and tacos before that...

I need to get up a workout schedule so I can get back to how I was before I graduated... I wasnt built - but I was toned out and not eating shitty foods.

good work though dude.
If you're lucky, maybe I'll find the bathing suit pics of her that I have somewhere...
I like the fatter you better. :)
I like the fatter you better. :)
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