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SC Sponsored!

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I'm proud to announce that after careful consideration, we've selected joey as our SpeedCircuit sponsored car.

We received many good applicants, but joey stood above the rest for several reasons. To name a few:

  • He's active in the Evo X community in general. He's the second most active poster on this forum, only a few hundred posts behind myself. When he's not busy adding to our online community, he's representing us X owners at the track, at auto-x events, and on the dyno. At the end of the day, joey is there for the community.
  • He's got a solid understanding of the car.
  • Many of the applicants had cars that were almost finished, but lacked a built engine. They wanted sponsorship for a discounted motor. The problem with a car like that is that it would showcase a collection of random parts that just so happened to be bolted to one of our engines. We were more interested in someone who's car wasn't yet complete, so we could have them showcase more than just our engines. Everyone already knows we build great motors - we want to show that we offer a great overall package. Joey's car would allow us to do just that.
  • He'll likely have this car for a long time, if not forever. From a business standpoint, it's simply a better investment than someone who goes through cars frequently.
  • He was an existing SpeedCircuit customer. This shows that he valued our products before we ever offered a benefit to him.
Congratulations, joey! Welcome to the SpeedCircuit family.
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congrats joey
grats hoser!
Woohoo congrats Joey! You deserve it man 100%!
Joey good guy for sure, congrats!
I would like to thank Dino and the guys at speedcircuit for this opportunity. I'll do my best to represent at all times no matter where it's at. I'm sure this is going to be a fun ride, so let's let the games begin!

Stay tuned for my build thread
Congrats! Glad to see it went to someone who is well deserving! I can't wait to see the results!
grats! good luck with the mods mate!
Awesome, congrats! I'll keep an eye on that build thread, got a lot of goodies in it that I want for myself :shades:
Thanks for all the kind words guys. just tell me what you want
Congrats man.

Now hand over them parts.
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