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Service Engine Soon light came on after Cat back exhaust install

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Its been 4 days since i installed my Agency power cat back exhaust, and my service engine soon light came on today. I know that when you replace the cat (with test pipe or down pipe ect.) that the light can come on for a number of reasons. but i did not touch my cat and im alittle worried. Any advice would be appreciated. what should i do to fix this?
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pull the code with your cobb AP. no AP? no clue.. what other mods do you have? also you sure u didnt mess with the cat at all?
Yeah, if you don't pull the code, how can we help you? If you don't have a code reader, go to autozone and use theirs
Im gonna get the code today at autozone..i dont have the AP yet but thanks for the replies keep an eye out for my post...
Im also worried about this! Car only has 180 miles
proba. you mess up the sensor
So as long as when i put it on i dont mess with a sensor or with the cat it should be fine?
I would think that with the extra flow your o2 sensor isn't reading what its been used to. Unbolt the battery for a few minutes so your ecu can relearn.
Turned out the cat was shot. i brought it to Mitsu. luckily it was covered under the warranty. My car is now running fine and my Dash is light free (for the time being lol)
Thanks guys
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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