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She got it!!!

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:godance:Well, my wife did. She's still at the dealership finishing up. Im out of town right now. I still have 3 more weeks before I get back home.
I got a SILVER GSR SSS w/ the Aero kit.

YES! PICs to come....
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This was almost 40K. The MR would have cost me almost 50k with taxes and financing.
Plus Im getting ready to buy a new house. I will need some money for house 'mods' :)
Its snowing where she is. :(
Crappy camera phone

Initial pics...from the dealership.
My wife and the salesman....


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different camera


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Shes at home with the car and Im freakin out of town. I cant wait.
Nice car but whats it like to marry a woman without a face? :D

Time to tell her to get it in the garage and throw a coat of wax on it!
Its gonna stay in the garage until I get home :thumbup:
It was either silver, blue or red.
are you not jealous she's driving your car right now.....congrats.
:mad: She put 17 miles on it already....hehe. I cant wait to get home.
at home now


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Ohh fully loaded :thumbup::godance:

Are you home yet? If i were you, I would be DYING to come home drive this beast
The car is home , IM NOT :(. Im 600 miles away from the house.
I am stoked!!!I have 2 and a half weeks to go. I cant go home this weekend because I have a business project to work on.
We've always liked silver. It was our second choice. The color is just easy to maintain.
Sunny day


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Calling for insurance soon YIKES!
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