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Shift Bushings

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Has anyone installed shift bushings?
If so, how did you do it?
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I put the AMS metal bushings in, and they are ok. If the car didn't shift like a piece of garbage then maybe I'd be able to tell if there was an improvement. I guess it feels marginally better then before, but the notchiness is so bad that I can't tell much of a difference. Take out the airbox assembly first to get access to the cables and linkage, then make sure to use a bushing press tool to get the old bushings out, which is a real PITA, and then put the new ones in. That's it. Oh, and the second cable is a bitch because Mitsu has it facing the firewall, so you have to install the clip that holds the bushing in by feel alone, no visibility AT ALL. Now that I've done it, I could do it again in 30 min. Your first time will probably take you over an hour, though.
thanks for the heads up on it.
Im going to give it another try tomorrow. Yeah I noticed the other one would be a pain in the ass.
I noticed a huge difference in the front motor mount
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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