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Shift Knob Threaded Insert Install DIY

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Hey Everyone,

Here is a quick DIY on how to install a TWM Performance Universal Shift Knob. We often get questions on how our system works, so we thought it would be a good idea to make an online DIY so people can see how easy it really is to make this simple mod. This straightforward modification will not only enhance the look of your interior, but also improve your shifting experience!

Legal Disclaimer

TWM Performance is not responsible for the misuse, incorrect installation, or failure of any product we sell.

TO PROTECT USERS FROM INJURY OR DEATH, THE USER ASSUMES ALL RISKS. Autocrossing, track events, and high speed driving are all dangerous activities - always drive responsibly and safely.

Here is a list of the supplied parts:

• TWM weighted shift knob
• Threaded aluminum insert
• Height adjuster set screw
• Low profile jam nut
• Special install tool

Step #1

Ensure that your parking brake is engaged inside the car. Unscrew stock shift knob by rotating counter clockwise.

Step #2

If you want to install your TWM shift knob at the lowest setting possible, please proceed to step 4. If you have a reverse lockout compatible shift knob, please also proceed to step 4.

You can adjust the height of the TWM shift knob with the height adjuster screw and special tool provided with the shift knob. Many combinations are possible to find the perfect height you need for the shift knob. Insert the height adjuster screw inside the shift knob first then use the special tool to install the height adjuster screw at the desired height.

Step #3

Test the height of the shift knob by sliding it over the shifter shaft. Adjust the height with the special tool if necessary. You will need to leave approximately 1” inch of free threads at the bottom of the shift knob to cover the aluminum insert and low profile jam nut when the shift knob is threaded on to the insert.

Step #4

If you have a shift knob with no logo/engraving, you don’t have the jam nut, proceed to step 5.

If your shift knob has a logo or engraving: Once the desired height for the shift knob is determined, thread the low profile jam nut all the way down to the bottom of the threads on the shifter shaft. There is no need to tighten it at this point, simply thread it down by hand.

Step #5

Thread the supplied aluminum insert on to the shifter shaft by hand with the hex end facing up.

Step #6

Now lightly tighten the aluminum insert on to the shifter shaft. A 15mm wrench can be used to tighten the insert. The insert should only be snug on the shaft, do not over tighten.

Step #7

Thread the shift knob on to the aluminum insert until you experience resistance, this is the point where the aluminum insert encounters the height adjuster set screw or the end of the inside threads if you did not use the height adjuster screw. If you have a shift knob with no logo/engraving, you are done! If you want to re-adjust the height of the shift knob, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step #8

Pictured to the left is the point where the insert encounters the top of the inside of the shift knob (or the height adjuster screw) and it stops turning. Notice how the TWM logo (or shift pattern) on the shift knob is not aligned correctly. Make a note of how much the shift knob needs to be backed off to align the engraving (or logo), in this case it needs to be backed off slightly less than ¾ turns.

Please note that it is impossible to thread the insert deeper to align the engraving, the insert MUST BE BACKED OFF COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

Step #9

Unscrew the shift knob leaving the aluminum insert in place on the shaft. This will allow access to adjust the jam nut and insert to set proper engraving or logo alignment.

Step #10

Pictured to the left is the insert in it’s final resting position once it has been backed off counter clockwise to ensure proper engraving alignment. Continue to hold the insert in this position.

Step #11

While still holding the insert in place, thread the jam nut up the shaft (counter clockwise) until it touches the bottom of the aluminum insert.

Step #12

Still holding the insert in position with the 15mm wrench, use a 9/16” open ended wrench to tighten the jam nut up against the bottom of the insert. Do not tighten the insert down as this will change the logo orientation. Simply hold it in position while tightening the jam nut from below. The jam nut is tightened against the insert by rotating counter clockwise.

Step #13

Re-install the shift knob and tighten down by hand. If the insert was adjusted correctly the engraving will line up properly. If the logo does not quite line up properly, remove the shift knob and repeat steps 8 to 12 to adjust the insert and jam nut to line it up. Only minor adjustments should be required at this point.

PLEASE NOTE: if you re-adjust the knob, loosen the jam nut FIRST by holding the aluminum insert with a 15mm wrench and rotating the jam nut CLOCKWISE. Do not loosen the insert first, simply hold it with the wrench and loosen the jam nut to maintain approximately the correct orientation of the insert.


If you have any other questions or concerns you can post in this thread or send us a PM and we will be more than happy to help you out with your Shift Knob install!

Team TWM Performance
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