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Shopping list reeady what next?

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Ok I think I got the parts list for my first mod:

  • Ecuflash/tactrix 2.0 cable
  • Wideband sensor
  • AMS High-flow Cat
  • Bosch 4.2 Wideband sensor
What's my next step?
Do I order the parts and ask a local shop to install?
Do I go to a local shop and ask them for a quote including parts?
Do I do the work myself? (I am not very good and will break plastic pins, and hate myself forever )

The goal is to get a custom tune, lot's of torque, and a somewhat climbing power curve. (stock one is rather flat)

Do I also need to get gauges?
AEM UEGO wideband kit with bosch sensor and analog gauge
AEM Boost Gauge 35 psi
AEM Transmission Temperature Gauge 40-148C
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Do the gauges not block your view in auto-x?


Gauges would be a good idea. Plus, im sure you can do the installs yourself. That would save you some money and net you some new parts lol
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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