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Silly Antenna

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Any idea if removing the antenna would have any negative effects besides losing the radio?

On top of that... do those antennae usually unscrew easily or am I gonna have to saw it off?
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Unscrew, I'm assuming.

Why don't you just find a stubby?
I'm sure you can find some interchangeable one. I think they make universal ones that you can try out. They are cheap and look way better.

I hate how my antenna looks. I just never turn the radio on so it stays down. ;)
But I don't think you can do that with yours..

Ever thought about Sirius or XM? That would kill the use of the antenna (other than one that you'd place above the rearview mirror or on the dash or rear window..) PLUS you'd get 3854983758934 more options and practically commercial free radio. I have Sirius and it replays a lot so I'm constantly going from station to station, I'm thinking about XM..
Well I don't listen to the radio so I don't need an antenna at all actually. I listen to music on my ipod or CDs... *never* the radio in my car. So As long as there are no other negative effects I would be fine ^^
Nope. Just take that sucker off.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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