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Silly Antenna

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Any idea if removing the antenna would have any negative effects besides losing the radio?

On top of that... do those antennae usually unscrew easily or am I gonna have to saw it off?
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Well I don't listen to the radio so I don't need an antenna at all actually. I listen to music on my ipod or CDs... *never* the radio in my car. So As long as there are no other negative effects I would be fine ^^
Go with the stubby, I did on my MINIs, and will likely do so on the Evo.

Gee, is it just me, but I listen to a lot of AM radio around Vancouver, to check on traffic, listen to the news on the half hour, and sports talk radio (must listen to how bad the Canucks are, and how much Nazzy is sucking again this year). Maybe it's cause I'm old (35). And I also listen to CDs (my escape has no aux. input but I listened to my ipod nano in the MINI).

What I miss from the US is a good NPR station (I liked the one in Cleveland and listen once in a blue moon online). CBC in Vancouver just doesn't compare. Is there NPR on Siruis or XM?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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