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Sinestra's Kasumi new 2012 RA

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Sinestra's Kasumi "nature photoshoot" 1/14/13

Picked her up last week pretty excited to move on from the base Lancer and get some boost in my life. Iv already started some work on her. with much more on the way

So far
injen UICP (polished)
Perrin shorty
Cosworth Drop in
White LED's (Trunk,License plate, parking lights, interior)
Partial de-badge
Smoked rear reflectors
Smoked side markers
Re-installed my Pioneer 8400
Blacked out nose ring
smoked fog lights

(im trying to decide if i want to paint the center hood scoop to match the front vents)

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nope i just masked very carefully around everything
get rid of the Lancer?

Sorry for the delay Rolly yes i traded her in. I felt i had gone as far as i could go with her. I was happy with how she looked in the end so it was time to move on
Got some others things done with more on the way.

Did a small photoshoot with my roommates RX-7

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So i got my Perrin catted downpipe (black) and my Agency Power BOV. Decided to paint the BOV a sky blue. Also installed my EvoX liscense plate mount and put in my 3000K HID fogs they werent yellow enough to i put some vinyl over the lenses. Its dark now and i checked them out they are yellow but no golden yellow like i want but its close enough. Also reused my titanium burned bolts for the liscense plate. Hopefully will be installing the rear Whiteline sway bar and the downpipe this weekend. Letting the BOV dry over night and installing it tomorrow.

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I am going to be doing a full exhaust however this deal was on the table for a short time. I figure i would pick up and for the price it couldn't be beat. Its just one less piece i need to buy, and i spoke with a couple of guys who ran this on their stock exhaust before upgrading and they still saw gains. Id rather have one piece instead of multiple pieces increasing the risk of a leak. I dont know about your states but MD is a very strict and getting stricter on emissions i wont have any problems with this and downpipe still incorporates a HIC.

Could you elaborate more as to why you think this particular is a waste?

To take them out you do, yeah. It's not difficult at all.

OP - looking good! Needs headlight mods :innocent:
I didnt remove my rear bumper i just masked off really carefully with painters tape and sprayed away worked like a charm

Thank you still a lot to do and i still have a lot to research but doing my best. I had projectors on the Lancer but the dealer wanted them as part of my trade so now i have buy another set. I cant wait i really hate how the stock halogens take away from the aggressive front end of our rides
Agency Power Bov

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Nice BOV.

I have same Injen IC Upper pipe, but it's from Evo, so the reducers are too big. Measured and bought online. Tried to installed them, didn't work since I measured incorrectly lol.
lol I actually dont like it. Im going to be selling it and get the Ultimate racing full UPIC. I want a once piece
I have the UR UICP, it's 2 pieces bud.
Shit i thought it was a one piece thanks for the heads up. guess i wasnt paying attention
Temp lowering on Eibach sportlines. I get wholesale price through my job from Tirerack so these only cost me like $179. It should take about a year for me to get my coils. But i just couldnt take the monster truck ride height anymore.

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Glossy Vinyl roof

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How do u like Eibach sportlines?
Im loving so far finally had them installed on Monday, they are very stiff but the ride quality is near OEM. My tech said they wont settle too much more which is good since i love this drop as it is.

True, I didn't realize they made it the wimpy version...most go all the way down to the intercooler, as the one pictured does not.
The half version is wimpy which is why im selling the Injen one i have and getting the full UR one.
Blox torch blue

Eibach Sportlines & Gloss vinyl roof

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Wow you are wating no time at all and it all looks good but I think I'd want a little more of a drop. What part of Maryland are you from? I lived in Fort Washington and Temple Hills/Oxon Hill area until recently
I live Germantown, so im around the Rockville, Gaithersburg area. Im not a fan of slamming and numerous places i have to drive i have very steep entrances and exits any lower and my front bumper would look like hamburger meat. i wanted a decent drop but not something crazy but lower than the RRM ones. These will be good till i can get my coils next year.

Are you still running the oem intercooler from the Ralliart? I swapped mine with the oem X intercooler and the piping doesn't fit quite right, due to the inlet to the intercooler being higher up (being a larger intercooler) So my piping actually rubs the seal where the hood closes.

Just thought I'd let you know incase you're running that setup, or plan to in the future. If you could cut a 1/2" off the lower pipe, it would be perfect.
Im still running the OEM intercooler i dont plan on getting an Evo X one. Im either getting the AMS,UR or ETS FMIC and new lower piping since the stock ones have that kink in it.
some low rez shots of the Varis trim pieces not perfect fitment but close. Good quality let see how long they last.

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Installed my Borla Catback over the weekend. Heres a short vid not the best quality. Its louder than i thought it would be but still sounds good, has a nice deep growl.
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I was out driving around on Sat and decided to snap a few pics

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Some fun edits

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Krylon Yellow fogs

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