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Sinestra's Kasumi new 2012 RA

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Sinestra's Kasumi "nature photoshoot" 1/14/13

Picked her up last week pretty excited to move on from the base Lancer and get some boost in my life. Iv already started some work on her. with much more on the way

So far
injen UICP (polished)
Perrin shorty
Cosworth Drop in
White LED's (Trunk,License plate, parking lights, interior)
Partial de-badge
Smoked rear reflectors
Smoked side markers
Re-installed my Pioneer 8400
Blacked out nose ring
smoked fog lights

(im trying to decide if i want to paint the center hood scoop to match the front vents)

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Sounds vicious! Can't wait to hear it in person

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Looks good man, we need to get together and have Juan take a rolling shot
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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