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Slight Knock at idle when i press abit on throttle

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Was finishing up installing the following:

GS 3Port (currently held by tie wrap! :\ didnt get the 10mm bolt will do this tomorrow its night time over here...)
Panel Cosworth Filter
IC (tommorrow :( )
HFC AMS + Perrin CBE

(Please note I still have a slight exhuast leak between HFC and mid pipe very minor to be fixed tomorrow)

Anyways installed map tuner gave me to start off and connected the AP to monitor while car idled and just reved slightly to hear perrin(sounds sooo good :D) and i saw the AP register a 0.35 i know its minor but i thought it wouldnt knock... and a slight rev about 1500 rpm :S when it dropped down to idle revs the AEM uego went too 16 for a second.. is this normal?

Logs are here without AFRs ... since need to ground Serial ... :)


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I get knock on decel, low rpm, usually between 1200-1500 off boost. It's the mic picking up wet clutch rattle from the SST. I get about 10 counts so I think that's similar in AP terms to .35.
On the AP, .35 is 1 count of knock, and you will get a couple of those single knock counts when you're off the throttle, or maybe at idle or just normal light throttle driving. It's just the knock sensor picking up engine noise, it's completely normal. When you get into boost and put significant load on the engine is when you want to worry about minimizing knock as much as possible, but even then, a random single count or two is nothing to worry about.

Your log looks good, just make sure you get properly tuned with all the new parts and you'll be perfectly fine.

Since the knock sensor is a mic, At idle and decel there are times it will hear noise from vibations or clutch chatter.

Post up 2-3 Logs of 3rd gear 2.5- Redline pulls and we can look things over for you! Some of the jump you see on the aem is it responding to the rapid afr change. Could also be the maf cal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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