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I'm transfering everything over from another forum in a single post and then will update from there! First post was in Aug 2015
So, I bought an 2013 evo x this February and just now thought I would do a build thread to keep track of its "progress".

This was day 1 at the dealership. Had just over 12k miles on it at the time of purchase.

My subaru going back to stock the next weekend.

the last photo of my subaru :sadbanana:

next weekend after that i took it to Fathouse and had Corbin tune it. Made 330/330 with an intake 馃崒

Current Mods to car,
Rain guards (previous owner and REMOVED)
K&N Intake (previous owner)
Ultimate Racing Axle back (previous owner)
Kinda Ricey Headlights (previous owner)
Rally Armor Mudflaps.

Parts I have but havent installed

Tomei Expreme Full titianium Catback!!! (ordered tonight)
Ortiz Custom gauge pod with aem wideband and Boost gauge

I know this isnt a subaru, and i tried to find a STI so bad, but found this for about $5k less than a STI with about 40k less miles. So far I'm extremely happy with the purchase, there isnt anything I dont like about the car so far.


Ok as it sits now I have a blown motor at 70k miles. Rod shot out the back of it on a -4*f day :bigeyes:

Current mods:

K&N Typhoon intake with upper intercooler pipe
AMS Intercooler

AEM 320lph with Map install kit

Tomei Expreme Full titianium Catback
AMS mini muffler test pipe

Rally Armor Mudflaps
Depo SSS style headlights retrofitted
-D2S: 35w Morimoto Elite bulbs and ballasts

Ortiz Gauge pod Cluster
AEM Wideband
AEM Boost Gauge


Ar Fabrication is doing the block
Darton MID Sleeves
Manley Turbo Tuff rods
GSC S2 Cams
Beehive springs

MAP oil

Full Race EFR 8474 EWG kit (ordered)
Driven Fab 3.5" Intake (ordered)
Titanium Upper intercooler pipes

Radium Engineering Full evo x fuel system
- Dual 450 walbro 1 hardwired 1 on a hobbs

AEM Oil pressure gauge
FR Turbo Speed gauge
Innovate Ethanol gauge
Ortiz triple a pillar


Finally pulled the motor!! there is a hole on both sides of the block, I'm really hoping the head is salvageable. I pulled it with the transfer case on it, wasn't too hard.

I have ordered the Turbomotive manifold bag for my Full-Race kit and then got my 2 dump tubes and downpipe coated.

I ordered most the parts to get the motor put back together with new stuff, MAP CMC upgrade along with some other parts. I'm trying to get my fuel system sorted from the WTF guys.

Once the head is pulled I will be able to send it off to AR-FAB and have them start building the block and getting this thing running.

hopefully it will be ready to tune in the spring or so, I dont want it sitting that long but I am unsure I will get it up and running before snow.


Small update.

Tore the head off the motor and shipped it to AR fab to get built.

That piston is at a 45* angle. I鈥檓 super happy the only thing wrong with the head is that small chip on the valve.

Been collecting parts for the build.

I did the map cmc upgrade today. Wasn鈥檛 successful at safetly removing the stock cmc lol

My hands are so cut up from installing that upper nut. Holy crap that hurt/sucked. I ended up taping the nut to my finger to get it on and started while someone tightened the bolt.


Started the ball rolling on the motor with AR FAB.

Build is......

Darton MID Sleeves and Installation
CNC Bore and Hone with Torque Plate
Line Hone for ARP Main Studs
Balance Rotating Assembly
Diamond File Fit Rings
Fit Rods
Set Main and Rod Bearing Clearances
Debur and Ultrasonically Clean All Parts

Callies Ultra Enforcer I-Beam Rods w/ ARP 3.5 bolts
Wiseco Pistons - 86mm Bore (with Rings)
ARP Main Studs
ACL Coated Bearing Set (Mains / Rods / Thrust)
ARP CA625+ Headstud Kit
Cometic MLX Headgasket

CR: 9.5

Evo X Head Recondition
Disassembly, Pressure Testing, and Visual Inspection / Remove all oil galley plugs / Degrease, Rinse,
and Hot Tank / Check Guides Clearances and Spring Seat Pressures / Reface Valves and Valve Seats /
Set Stem Heights / Lash / Install New Valve Stem Seals / Resurface the Deck / Ultra-Sonically Clean
all Parts / Assemble

Bronze Guides and Installation

GSC Valvetrain Components
Standard Size Intake Valves
Standard Size Exhaust Valves
Beehive Springs
Titanium Retainers
Viton Valve Seals
GSC S2 Cams

Install Head onto Block / Check Lash

Used CORE Block with Matching Main Caps and Girdle
New OEM Crankshaft


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Small update, my motor is nearing completion from ARFab. I have been collecting parts and hopefully can start reassembly here soon. I got all torque solutions mounts and were able to press out the old motor mount bushings and install the new ones. Seem like they should help a decent amount. I will probably do the diff and drive shaft


Got my block like a month ago and just havent had time to do anything. finally got it out of the box and on the stand!

Girdle did not come torqued or glued so i used Ultra Grey to do everything.

I got most of the timing components ready to go. The oil pump got destroyed along with all the guides and all the bolts attaching everything oil pump related got bent. So before I make to much progress I have to wait to get the oil pump bolts so I can do all of the timing chains.

I'm missing a few bolts here and there too.

Also just ordered a Koyo radiator and silicon tubing to try and keep the motor cool.

Hoping I can get those parts from mitsubishi before everything shuts down!


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Been a long time without an update. Covid hit and things kinda got stagnant.

Did my Radium dual Walbro 450 setup. One is on a hobs switch the other is hardwired. I made a plate that bolted to the angled bit of frame by the battery. I was trying to keep everything as tidy as possible. I also made my own ethonal controller out of the innovate gauge and purchasing my own lines. I was able to find the right connector to make it all plug and play.

My panasonic battery gave up after sitting for 2 years.... My buddy is designing CNC mounts for a specific LifePO4 battery system so I got a litium battery to power everything and save a little weight.

Mounted everything I could on my motor and had to take a picture of my exedy twinplate before it got hidden forever! The turbo dwarfs the motor haha.

I also stiffened up all of my driveline bushings. Went solid drive shaft and rear dif mount and have the hard poly bushings for the sides of the dif.


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Finally dropped the motor in. I didnt take many pictures of the process but it sucked. I had to pull the motor back out 3 times because it wouldnt fit well with the transfer case on and it was not easy haha.

We started the car and put a breakin/base tune in it. Cut the oil filter and it looked pretty good. On the massively sad side looks like my rear main seal has a small leak 馃槶......... I'm not sure I have it in me to pull the trans out again so I am going to have a company do that part.

with the exedy you can warp the plates if you over flex the fingers. I made a clutch stop setup out aluminum and 1/4" bolt. Works pretty well. Gives me adjustability and stops about an inch shorter than normal. Lets me only have about 1/2" past where the clutch engages. When installing just the bottom part the car wouldnt start so I had to add some neoprene super glued to each other to have the clutch petal sensor engage when i pressed the clutch. Easy fix and think its way over built.

View from my ricer!

Lastly I have purchased a Motec M130 for my car to add some much needed failsafes and turbospeed boost control!!!!!!!!

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Ar Fabrication is doing the block
Darton MID Sleeves
Line hone for ARP Main Studs
Ballanced rotating assembly
Callie Enforcer I Beam rods with ARP 3.5 Bolts
Wiseco Pistons 86mm
ARP Main Studs
ACL Coated Bearing set (mains/rods/thrust)
ARP CA625+ Head stud kit
Cometic Gasket
2.0L displacement 9.5:1 compression

Full head recondition
Bronze guides
GSC Valvetrain components
Standard size intake valves
Standard size exhaust Valves
GSC S2 Cams
Beehive springs
Titanium Retainers
Viton Valve Seals

Engine misc/ cooling
MAP oil cooler
Kozmic Catchcan
Hyundai Metal Pullies
Koyo Aluminum radiator
Torque Solutions Full engine Mounts
Gates Water pump
Aluminum valve cover powder coated Illusion Purple
Torque Solutions Radiator hoses
AMS Remote Oil Sender Line

Full Race EFR 8474 EWG kit
Driven Fab 3.5" Intake
TopSpeed Titanium Upper intercooler pipes
ETS Lower Intercooler piping with BOV removed
AMS Intercooler

Tomei Expreme Catback
AMS Mini Muffler Testpipe
Full Race T4 Manifold /Downpipe/ dump tubes ceramic coated
TurboMotive FR Manifold bag

Injector Dynamics ID1700x2
Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Basket with 2x Walbro 450's
Radium Engineering Hardwire kit x2, one on radium adjustable Hobs
Radium Engineering -8 Feedline Kit with fuel filter
Radium Fuel Rail with damper and Direct mount Regulator
Ethenal sensor added on fuel returnline with jegs AN Line and fittings

MAP CMC Upgrade
Exedy Twin plate HD Clutch
ACT Monolock
Radium Clutch fork Stop
Oem Throwout
Torque solutions short throw shifter
Torque Solutions shifter cable bushings
AMS Gate Selector Bushings
AMS Shifter Base Bushings
AMS Carbon Shift Knob
Torque Solutions Drive shaft carrier Bushings
Torque Solutions Solid Differential Bushings

ESR SR08 18x9.5 5x114.3 +15 Matte Bronze Wheels
ESR Hubcentric Rings
Firestone Indy500 Tires
Ohlins R&T Coilovers
Stoptech Stainless F&R Brake Lines
Power Stop Drilled/Slotted Rotors
Power Stop Ceramic Pads

Electronics/ Interior:
AEM Oil pressure gauge
AEM Wideband gauge
AEM Boost gauge
FR Turbo Speed gauge
Innovate Ethanol gauge
Ortiz triple a pillar
Ortiz dual cluster pod
Depo Headlights Retrofitted
-Morimoto EvoX-R2.0 Projectors
Morimoto elite D2s Ballasts and Bulbs
Retrofit source wiring harness
Pioneer Fh-x700BT Radio
Interior Footwell Lighting
MOTEC M130 with harness on the way!!!!!!
currently Tephra V3

Exterior mods
Gloss Black Wrapped roof.

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Nice, I need to rebuild mine. I love the EFR8474 and i'm curious to know how different the spool is compared to the EFR9274.

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Decent amount of updates car is now running and tuned.

Parts Added:
ClubSpec Purple Dipstick Handle
ClubSpec Hood Dampers
ClubSpec Purple Relay Cover
ClubSpec Black Power Steering Cover
MAP Heat Shield (heavily modified)
Hawk HP Talon Rotors (black Drilled and slotted)
Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads
Full Spectrum P12XS LifePo4 battery
Valkyrie Engineering prototype Battery mounting solution,

Parts Removed:
Turbomotiv Header Bag

During some light road tuning the black heat mat on the firewall caught fire, caused a little bit of damage, nothing to major.

I ended up ripping out the bag and modifying the MAP heat shield. Its super nice but afterbeing told it would fit no problem it required a ton of modification, also stainless is not fun to grind or work with.

My buddies company makes awesome CNC battery mounts for Lifepo4 Race Batteries and made one for my car. Its just a 3d printed part right now but the Aluminum one is getting machined very soon. He's looking for interest in this, It shaves like 40lbs from the stock battery.

Parents purchased me a bunch of clubspec stuff for christmas which was pretty cool.

note the original hood prop is removed.

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First dyno session went well.

I had the Stock MAP sensor so we were limited to 28psi. At this point there is only 200 miles on the car so making ~630 on winter blend E85 is pretty solid. I ordered a AEM 5Bar map sensor and the adaptor to make it work. Should allow me to get to that 700HP+ goal I had. torque is super flat and I think it could easily go to 9k rpm. oil pressure was still 100psi at 8500.

Car runs extremely well. Corbin Johnson / Johnson Tuning is amazing. rolling Anti-Lag is nuts too. Car is about as good as it can get except for looks at this point.

Hopefully once the summer hits we can push it a little more. Not sure I want to go much past 35psi since I want to just keep it together haha.

2017 Audi RS3 Stage 2 Unitronic Tune 93 Octane
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Damn, very nice! What鈥檚 the plan for the car? Hurt some feelings on the street, drag strip?

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Well, i dont have any intentions of street racing or drag racing. Just kinda want to cruse slow with a fast car haha.

2017 Audi RS3 Stage 2 Unitronic Tune 93 Octane
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Well, i dont have any intentions of street racing or drag racing. Just kinda want to cruse slow with a fast car haha.

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Nice Build and power. I did close to those numbers 650/ 450 @ 26.7 psi. Same turbo on a stroker and it was a blast on the street. Seeing your build makes me want to rebuild instead of selling. Undecided.................
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