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Spare key not working....

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Just got the evo couple weeks ago. Decided to use spare key and and doesn't work. It flashes and all but won't unlock or do anything. The key works fine. I tried reprogramming it, but it needs a second valid key. FML. Call local dealership told me it's gonna be like $60 or more to reprogram it. Any one has any suggestions or experience with this problem?
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Honestly, I think the spare keys aren't suppose to work properly cos mine doesn't either. On top of that I have seen tons of threads about this so we aren't the only ones. Mine won't start the car either. An they want us to pay to reprogram it but its not are fault the key is faulty.
That's true. The dealership I bought it from won't take responsibility or reimburse me, if I take it to Mitsubishi. The key works, but that won't take the alarm off the car.
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