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Speakers sound bad

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I have an 09 lancer gts with the Rockford Fosgate system and I noticed at any louder volume it the music starts to get very drowned out and distorted, the people before me installed a doubled in pioneer and I heard that the door speakers and sub run to the amp under my seat and it’s 650 watts, and they ran rca cables instead of hard wiring it to the back of the headunit. Can and how would I run my speakers straight to my headunit because I think the amp makes it sound like trash even after replacing my speakers with way better ones.
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If you want to run the speakers directly to the amp you'll have to hack up the factory harness or run new wires.
What they should have done is used a MITO box to convert the output to a signal the factory amp could use. Some people have just put a more standard amp in the OEM location.
Here are the wires in the harness:
Okay thank you, so to sum up the question and sorry if you answered this and I didn’t pick it up but would I be able to run speaker wire from all of my speakers straight to the headunit? Because I have an AMP control module and a steering wheel button module that id still like to use but I think my speakers would sound loads better without going through an amp that’s sharing power for my subwoofer
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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