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As soon as I became the new owner of a Evo X MR I knew I wanted to start modifying it right away.

The harder decision for me was finding out which shop in the New York area that I wanted to trust with my car. Being an MR made things a little more difficult as well as some shops have little to no experience with them especially when it comes to tuning.

After tons of research online and speaking with a few of the shops that I was looking at, I could tell Dino at Speedcircuit was the guy I wanted to bring my car to. He was a bit further from me than I originally planned on going but I am very glad I decided to take the drive.

Just from speaking over the phone I can tell he was very experienced and truly cared about the evo community. Being new to the platform I had a lot of questions and where others seemed like they simply didn’t want to take a few moments to earn my business Dino was very helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable leaving my car with him for all of the work I planned to have done.

We pretty much did a mhi turbo upgrade with all supporting mods (fuel etc.) cams and fbo. Along with this the transmission was having a few issues so it was sent out to Kozmic who did an awesome job taking care of it. The transfer case needed some love as well so that went to Shep.

Dino had no issues getting the trans and tcase sent out for me in a timely manor.

After a few hiccups (No fault of speedcircuit) we were finally able to get things wrapped up.

When picking up the car Dino made sure to go over everything in detail and answered any questions I had. Him taking the time to chat with me a bit about his shop and some of the other cars there was very nice of him as well. Always good to chat with a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

The car is running flex fuel and so far the Tune from Dino has been spot on and the car is running and shifting great! Being able to tweak the sst in the MR is key and Dino along with some help from Kozmic made sure everything was running and shifting perfect. Test driving it for the first time picking it up and running through the gears felt amazing! Finally have my “mini gtr” that I’ve always wanted.

From start to finish Dino was always sure to keep in touch and update me along the way. To me that is a big part of any business and one of the reasons I much prefer small specialty shops like his over some of the bigger names. They even did some custom fab work for me and it was awesome to see that they have some of their own products made for Evos as well.

Overall I am 100% satisfied with all of the work performed including the tune and have been enjoying my car much more since I’ve gotten it back. This was a completely new platform for me and any time I had a question Dino was always there to answer it and explain things for me. Both before and after the work.

Dino making sure I come back in a few months to look everything over and see how things are running just goes to show that he truly care about the work that he puts out there and wants to make sure his customers are happy and their cars are running well. Something that is becoming increasingly rare these days.

Thanks again Dino and everybody else at the shop! You guys rock!


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