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Which do you prefer??

  • The BIG rally style "Normal" spoiler

    Votes: 47 64.4%
  • The low spoiler

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • Do Luck duck tail

    Votes: 19 26.0%
  • nothing? no spoilers at all.

    Votes: 4 5.5%


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Which do you prefer???
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I really like the look of the OEM big spoiler, but if I were to change it to anything else -- I'd do a Do Luck trunk. Not having any wing/lip at all looks a little funky imo.
Sorry, forgot to mention after market spoilers!!

For large after market spoilers please select BIG normal spoiler.
Are you asking which i prefer on my car or which looks best on the Evo overall?
which do you prefer on the evo
I like the look of the OEM GSR spoiler the best. There are a few other aftermarket ones I like (eg. Voltex). However, I still think the Do Luck tail isn't half bad; it just isn't for me.
Voltex wing!
I prefer the factory look.

In my opinion if you pull it and go with nothing you blend in too much with the crowd of family four door fuel economy cars.

If you add something else (almost always it's carbon fiber) you blend in too much with the beater civics/accord/cobolt crew that try to make their family fuel economy cars look fast.

You can't go wrong doing what you want,.... I'm guessing different parts of the country are going to have different views on this...
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I like the big OEM GSR spoiler, though I acknowledge the appeal of the other looks as well (lip spoiler and do-luck style)
aww i cant vote... but Do Luck all the way!
Since it's not directly an option, Varis Euro GT wing (though I am running my stock high-rise spoiler for the winter).
I just posted this in another thread but I'll gladly trade my big OEM spoiler for a lip style or duckbill style trunk, I'll even trade +cash. Looking for WW with no holes in it.
Stock tall spoiler simply because it serves a purpose. I view any of the aftermarket wings as pointless unless you are actually tracking the car and they are set up for it.
Bruce Willis's character was dead the whole time.
I prefer the lip spoiler from the SE/MR, or none at all.
Wingless with OEM lip should be an option to vote... Just saying
Wingless with OEM lip should be an option to vote... Just saying
Bruce Willis's character was dead the whole time.
I jizzed in my pants

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1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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