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Hey guys,

I traded in my old Subaru Legacy GT for a 2011 Ralliart in the beginning of 2020, completely stock with a broken ACD-pump(got it ALOT cheaper lol).

The day i picked it up

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Old ACD Pump this is after i cleaned it off lol, Swedish winters are not to recommend if u like the undercarriage of your car...
Automotive tire Wood Automotive wheel system Art Trunk

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Sculpture Bumper

New ACD Pump and ClubSpec relocation kit to the trunk.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Gas

What i've done so far:
Painted alot of things, steering wheel, rims, strut bar, brake calipers, some plastics in the engine bay, front pumper "ring", mitsubishi logos, hood air intake.

What i've bought so far:
Random chinese things
Evo x looking side intake
Side marker lights
Hybrid blow off valve
Mud flaps
Interior led-lights
Injen upper intercooler piping
Eibach lowering springs (not installed)
Civic FN2 rear wing(not installed).

Some semi-current pics.
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Speedometer Vehicle Car Gear shift

Hood Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Automotive design Car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

My plans for now:
Remove the ugly mitsubishi engine cover and paint the valve cover
Refurbish the steering wheel
Install the Civic wing and remove the upper wing
Install lowering springs
Repaint the wheels and get some better nuts
Buy evo x roof diffuser
Tint all the lights darker
Install boost-pill and get a tune
Maybe get some underglow :cool:
I've been trying to find a rear diffuser so if u guys know anything let me know. Also i can't do much about the exhaust system since Sweden have laws preventing the installation, illegal to install something that makes the car 5+ db louder than stock and it's not just a fine they take the car.

This is my inspiration for the car and i think it's super fun working on it!
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
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