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While the exterior of the production 2008 Dodge Challenger is a secret no more, the interior has managed to stay hidden from view. That changed today when a link to this pair of interior spy shots was found on the forums. While no designs seen in spy shots are final until the production car is officially revealed, this appears to be where Dodge is at with the Challenger's interior at the moment. To be honest, we're really underwhelmed. Not that we expected a bunch of retro queues inside the Challenger, and not that the car's exterior is all that flashy either, but this center console looks like a parts bin special with a side of fries. We dig the shifter handle, though, and we'll reserve judgment on the gauge pod that's trimmed in shiny metal until we get a better view. Who knows, maybe some will appreciate the plain Jane interior and insist it values function over form. Overall, however, we hope that Chrysler has something a little more special planned for the Challenger's instrument panel before production starts.

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