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While two Camaro mules were caught at LAX earlier in the week, another was recently captured on the other side of the world. Still sporting the camouflage look that Bob Lutz vowed to banish, the car was spotted on an open trailer somewhere in Australia. The photographer managed to capture an important detail that many fans have been mulling over since the launch of the Camaro concept. That essential feature is the appearance of the fuel door. The concept perched the door on top of the driver's side rear fender. Apparently that will not be true of the production vehicle. The spy shot indicates that the Camaro will intake fuel through the passenger side rear fender. However, since folks in Australia drive on the right side of the vehicle that makes it the driver's side in their world. We hear their toilets swirl in the other direction, too. Due to cost saving measures, we don't expect the fuel door location to change for U.S. production. Also of note are the rear taillights, which we can see in these images are red on the inside and amber on the outside. Minor details, for sure, that will no doubt be eagerly devoured by Camaro faithful waiting for this car's return.

The taillights also appear to be colored specifically for the Australian market. Australian Design Rule 6 calls for all amber direction indicators. That explains the change from all red taillights. It is a detail that will probably be spared from the U.S. market. However, if any stateside owners clamor to be different they might be able to score some ADM amber lenses off eBay.

[Source: via Jalopnik]

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