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It's handy to work next door to Honda's US Headquarters if your goal is to snag pictures of future models. A user from the Temple of VTEC forums named Tyson grabbed a couple shots of what's believed to be the 2009 Acura TSX. He'd been seeing the silver sedan for a few days, and was finally able to think quickly and grab the camera phone. What we know as the Acura TSX is the rest of the world's Honda Accord. Being their bread and butter sedan, Honda's not gone out on a limb here, but what we can make out is a pleasing evolution from the current TSX/Euro Accord. Having experienced the cavernous new Accord, we find the TSX a bit more "right-sized" when you think in terms of sports sedans. Hopefully, sporty moves will be delivered by Honda's SH-AWD hardware, with the RDX's turbo-fed mill providing the twist -- at least that's what we're praying for. Production is expected to start later this year.


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