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Click above for high-res gallery of the Camaro SS on the 'Ring

More spy shots from the Nurburgring today, this time of the Camaro SS prototype that was spotted arriving at the track yesterday. We already pointed out the bright red Brembo calipers on this Camaro, which suggest it's a high-performance SS version of the car, though that hasn't been confirmed. What is special about these photos is that they're the first time we've seen the Camaro really being driven hard on the track. Though we've seen plenty of Camaro spy shots in the past, most have been of the car caught in a parking lot, on a transport trailer or just meandering around town. Seeing the suspension under load is a thing of beauty that we've been waiting for, and KGP spy photogs tell us that it "looks impressive in action, and that its suspension looks well buttoned down on some of the 'Ring's challenging stretches." Hopefully they have their stop watches ready when Chevy engineers run the car hard for a full lap.

Gallery: Chevy Camaro at the Nurburgring - spy shots

[Source: KGP Photography]
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