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Click above for a larger spy pic and to see sketches of Prototype-S.

Our new friend from Switzerland, Toppi, sent over this snapshot of the Mitsubishi Prototype-S concept being unloaded before its official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The sleek sportback is exactly what we expected after seeing the official renderings from Mitsubishi, with a steeply raked roof that takes a sharp downward slant from the B-pillar and terminates into the smooth curve of the rear hatch. While that roof line might not be the best for rear-seat headroom and the small boot lid pretty much negates putting anything larger than a carton of milk in the trunk, the silhouette is absolutely stunning and the sharp creases aft of the front wheel give us a clue as to what's underhood.

As previously reported, the Prototype-S is one more step towards production of the Concept Sportback that debuted in Geneva three years ago. The version that's destined for sale in Europe (and hopefully in the U.S.) will be fitted with the same powertrain as the Lancer Ralliart, which includes a detuned version of the Mitsubishi Evo's 4B11T turbocharged inline four, sending 235 hp and 253 lb.-ft. of torque to all four wheels through a Twin Clutch SST gearbox.

We're anxiously awaiting the official debut of the Prototype-S during the first week of March in Geneva and hope that Mitsubishi has the foresight to offer up the production version to those of us in the States that aren't smitten with the base Subaru WRX wagon.

Gallery: Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype S

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First: I'm "Toppi from Switzerland" who did sent Autoblog the Link to the russian forum, where this picture was posted last week.

Second: Autoblog deleted that news after we found out, that this is a old photo of the 05 Concept Sportback that was shown in Frankfurt.
More pictures here:
The "Prototype-S" we are going to see very soon in Geneva will be in red/orange.

Third: Yes. Mitsubishi is indeed going to reveal a near production prototype called "Prototype-S" which is in fact a preview of the forthcoming Sportsback Rallyart and I can't wait to buy one. I allready have an option on this one and will travel to Geneva (on march 15th) to get a closer look to the prototype.

You can find more information about this one in the Mitsubishi press releases.
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